Introducing Míngrén Asian Cuisine Delight!

At City Tatts, we pride ourselves in bringing you a brilliant variety of dining experiences. We are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new Asian fusion eatery: Míngrén, now open in the old Celebrity Lounge .

Translated appropriately to ‘celebrity’ in English, Míngrén presents to the Club a refreshing taste of Asian cuisine. Setting our hearts aflutter with this delicious contemporary food, the Asian eatery lunch menu includes a collection of affordable and quick meals from China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam, all under $15*.

Dishes such as traditional dumplings and dim sums are on offer to order, with vegetarian options readily available. The laid-back eatery offers a varied menu, where both Members and the public can enjoy speedy yet tasty meals on their lunch breaks.

Dinner alternatively offers Members a more refined dining experience. The modern Asian à la carte menu, primarily emphasises Cantonese style dishes, designed to be shared on your table with loved ones. The diverse and reliable menu transforms into the kind of place that keeps you coming back, wanting to try more and more of the zesty dishes.

Must-try dishes? Míngrén’s mild chicken curry influenced by Malaysian and Chinese cultures, is a delightful blend of trifling spices and chicken breast.
And if you’re after a sweet dish, mango pancakes are a dessert not to be missed. This pleasurable dessert is made from cold, fresh mango chunks and whipped cream, wrapped in a mango flavoured crêpe.

To make Míngrén all the more enjoyable, City Tatts has incorporated some new designs to the Celebrity Lounge to convey the feel of present-day Asia. There are new decorations, new lights and new plantation that can be appreciated along with this exciting new dining experience.

Míngrén is brought to City Tatts by Peter Siu, who owns a share in Chinese restaurant Tingha Palace located in Parramatta. Reputed for its delectable and authentic à la carte cuisine, the warm atmosphere will be replicated at Míngrén eatery.

The addition of this specialty restaurant enables us to expand our diversity of food offered within the Club. The Asianisation of Australia has resulted in the increased appetite for a greater blend of cuisines, and we are thrilled to be able to bring these refreshing dishes to City Tatts diners.

Our number one goal is for everyone enjoy their visit with us, and we hope Míngrén provides a broader dining experience for all our daily visitors.

For further information on Míngrén please call (02) 9287 6420.

Members discount does not apply for Míngrén food or beverage purchases.